The Calm Sea Of Pershing

“Every brand produced by our Group has a glorious story that distinguishes it, and makes it a favourite worldwide. When I think of Pershing, I recall Queen’s celebrated song “Don’t Stop Me Now”, which speaks to non-stop entertainment, to never wanting to stop and feeling vibrantly alive. These are sensations that anyone who has experienced the famous “Pershing Thrill” is well aware of.” — Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group


The truth is that going further always means doing what others are unable to do. And only Pershing can bring together revolutionary luxury, extreme performance and maximum comfort, all in one yacht.


This has been the winning combination that has continued to make all the difference since 1985, when the first Pershing yacht was created out of designer Fulvio De Simoni’s unmistakable intuition.

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