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Caribbean Yacht Charters


One of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world, the Caribbean offers an abundance of water activities and entertaining nightlife options. The gorgeous tropical islands offer countless opportunities for relaxing on the beach, while the lush rainforests are perfect for hiking and spotting animals. For nature-lovers and adventurers alike, the Caribbean is a must-visit tropical destination.


A collection of hundreds of tiny islands, the Bahamas are the perfect blend of vivid natural landscapes and crystal-clear, turquoise waters. A time-tested destination for travelers enamoured with its tropical climate, the Bahamas also have a rich nightlife on the larger islands. Here, you can enjoy live music on the beach while eating a delicious, authentic Caribbean meal. From surfing to relaxing on the beach, the Bahamas are a true paradise.

Leeward Islands

Famous for their white-sand beaches and abundance of wildlife, the Leeward Islands are a luxurious tropical destination. Residents of the islands have a passion for sailing, making the area a yacht-enthusiasts dream. The pristine beaches go for miles, offering plenty of space for a romantic picnic with your partner or a surf-filled afternoon with friends. Amongst a selection of gorgeous islands, the Leeward Islands stand out as truly elegant.

British Virgin Islands

A premier diving destination, the British Virgin Islands offer some of the best underwater views in the world. With a variety of underwater landscapes, coral reefs, and colourful schools of exotic fish, you could spend hours underwater without experiencing everything the region has to offer. The lively nightlife draws on the region’s vast cultural influences, resulting in a mosaic of food, drinks, art, and music suited to everyone’s tastes.  

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