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Central America Yacht Charters


Volcanoes, ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests are just a few of the highlights of Central America’s yacht charter destinations. Still largely undeveloped, the region is ripe for adventure. Travel between fishing villages on the coast to get a true feel for everyday life. Here, you can enjoy a day on your surfboard then taste-test some of the freshest seafood dishes on the planet.

Costa Rica

A tropical paradise largely unspoiled by modern development, traveling through Costa Rica is like taking a step back in time. The quaint fishing villages along the coastline offer a snapshot of life in Central America. A short hike inland offers a completely different world of lush forest, volcanic eruptions, and exotic animals in their natural habitat. A truly unique destination, the diversity of Costa Rica makes for an unforgettable vacation experience.


Mexico’s warm climate, vibrant culture, and environmental diversity make it a perfect winter destination for those looking to escape the cold. Boasting ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins as well as some of the hottest nightlife activities in the region, Mexico has something for everyone to enjoy. The pristine beaches are home to world-class luxury resorts as well as secret havens for those looking for a relaxing, private, and romantic getaway.


Although the Galapagos Islands are small, they are rich in natural landscapes and animal life. The cluster of islands runs right along the Equator, resulting in tropical temperatures and a warm climate year-round. Much effort has been spent to preserve the natural beauty of the region, making it a truly unique yachting destination. As a result, the abundance of wildlife is a dream come true for any animal-lover


Exciting, unique, and affordable are just a few ways to describe Belize — a gem in Central America. Located on the coast in between the Caribbean and the jungle, Belize offers a wide range of water activities and other opportunities for outdoor adventures. From exploring Mayan ruins to snorkelling the coral reefs, there is truly something for everyone. After a day in the sun, relax with a drink at one of Belize’s world-famous beachside bars and nightclubs.

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